BCS Preparation
Ques:   What is mEdu WAP service?
Ans:  mEdu is daily subscription base fully education service. User will get daily educational content from different category and also can give model test, class test and also can stream video and audio content from top Teachers of Bangladesh.
Ques:  What is the subscription charge?
Ans:  User has to pay TK 2.67/day as a subscription charge (Auto Renewal).
Ques:  How many contents Subscriber can download for FREE in a week?
Ans:    All the contents of the portal are free for the subscribers. They will get daily updated content on subject wise.
Ques:  Is there any regular tariffs for the contents?
Ans:   There will be no regular charge for the subscribers except subscription charge.
Ques:  How can a Subscriber deactivate the service?
Ans:   To unsubscribe, type STOP MEW to 22111.